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CQC Visit


You may be aware the Practice underwent a CQC inspection on 16/02/2022 and although the visit was mostly positive with a number of areas of excellence there were also a few concerns:

All staff’s mandatory training is up to date.

Some of the annual mandatory training wasn’t up to date for some of our staff.This was because (as requested) we prioritised additional covid vaccination clinics in January instead. Our full staff training program has now been restarted.

Infection Prevention Control audit is carried out regularly,

We carried out covid infection control audits but hadn’t completed a general infection control audit. This is currently being rectified.

• Emergency medicine is stored safely and securely,

During the building work we stored the emergency trolley in the old nurses waiting area. We should have had a written risk assessment for this.

All long term conditions have appropriate monitoring,

From October 2021 the national shortage of blood bottle tubes meant we were unable to complete some routine monitoring. This was postponed where clinicians felt it was safe to do so.We are currently catching up on routine monitoring and are recruiting additional staff in order to do this.

• Relevant clinical staff have regular clinical supervision,

The CQC have recommend that some of our staff have dedicated time out of clinics for meetings regarding clinical supervision.We are working on how to arrange this without impacting too much on clinic time available to patients.

Patient Group Directions are managed appropriately.

We added a name to the end of a group directive without getting a GP to initial the addition.

We want to reassure patients that we are working to address these issues and confirm CQC will revisit to ensure these issues have been rectified.

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