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About the PPG (Patient Participation Group)

  • Launceston Patient Participation Group is made up of individuals and representatives of community groups – all volunteers and registered patients of the Medical Centre.

    Our aim

    The group’s main aim is to provide two-way communication between Launceston Medical Centre and those who use the Centre. In order to help staff provide the best care and patients to make best use of the services.


    We support the Medical Centre in its efforts to provide the best possible service by:


    > Informing Patients – through the media and at community events – about Medical Centre plans.

    > Encouraging feedback from Patients about the Medical Centre plans.

    > Discussing Patient suggestions with Medical Centre staff and telling the Patients what actions are taken.

    > Bringing Patient queries (not those related to personal medical treatment) to the Medical Centre staff.

    > Acting as volunteers on occasions when the Medical Centre might need additional helpers (e.g. flu clinics).


    To contact the PPG please e-mail

    If any patient wishes to join the PPG and all future meetings, please contact Paul Ford (Chair)